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Handy 5th Wheel Louvered Tailgates

Handy 5th Wheel Louvered Tailgates

Handy 5th Wheel Tailgate on a 2006 Dodge Ram - CL2533FW

Handy 5th Wheel Tailgate on a pickup

5th Wheel Louvered Tailgates

Price: $329.95 - $379.95 $279.95 - $349.95

Shipping: FREE! (Except AK & HI)


While Supplies Last
Handy Inudstries has discontinued their Tailgate product line. We have placed our last order for Ford, Chevy & Dodge tailgates. As we run out of stock, we will remove the SKU's from our database and the list below. Please call us with any questions.

Rugged construction that enhances the appearance and functionality of your truck. The Handy Louvered Tailgates are the only true "form fit" tailgates. These quality replacement tailgates fit Chevy/GMC, Dodge and Ford full size pickups. The Fifth Wheel Center Latch models are open air-foil design made from durable 16 & 20 gauge steel. All models provide exceptional rear view visibility and the deep "V" allows for easier hitching for 5th wheel trailers. Attractive black powder coated finish (suitable for your own paint job). The tailgates install in a snap and use the factory cables from your Chevy, Ford or Dodge

Customer Feedback
"Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with the 5th wheel tailgate ordered from you for my 2006 Dodge Ram. Purchased your "HAN-CL2533FW" online and had it in 5 days! When I installed it, and used the included parts for "fine tuning", it fit like a glove. A smooth and tight fit that looks and feels like the tailgate came from the Dodge factory with the truck. Did not expect that quality for the price I paid. "

Ron S.
Des Moines, WA


You will find a picture of Ron's tailgate installed on his 2006 Dodge Ram Quad Cab

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Handy Tailgate made of?
They are made of 16 & 20 gauge steel, you can see the heaiver steel is on the outter trim to provide better support for loading, you can handle a lot more wieght compared to the plastic tailgates you see for about the same price.

How heavy are these tailgates and how much weight can they support?
They weigh roughly 55-60 lbs, and they can support the same weight as a stock taiglate. So you can load a quad with the use of a ramp.

Do these tailgates come with cables for hook up?
Handy tailgates use the factory tailgate cables to hold the gate up, so they do not come with any cables

Do these tailgates come with locks?
They do not come with locks, a lock on a V-Cutout gate would not do much since you have a large v opening.

My factory tailgate was stolen, do I have to worry about this tailgate being stolen?
Unfortunately, tailgate theft is on the rise. Due to the high value of a factory painted tailgate ($1,500), this means they have a very high black market value and if you don't have a tailgate lock then it is too simple to lift a tailgate from the truck in seconds. Aftermarket tailgates don't have a very high black market value, but we have seen stranger things. If you want to secure your tailgate (Handy or factory tailgate), we recommend buying a tailgate lock. A Pop-N-Lock is nice to secure the handle and prevents the tailgate from being dropped for use but that won't save a gate from being lifted. You need a McGard tailgate lock which locks the tailgate in place and keeps it from being lifted up and out of your truck. They come with one key and doesn't interfere with the operation of the gate.

5TH Wheel Louvered Tailgates - Application Guide Part Number Price
1988-1998 C/K Series Pickup 1500 Light Duty CL2520FW (#10485) $279.95
1988-2000 C/K Series Pickup 2500 / 3500 Heavy Duty CL2520FW (#10485) $279.95
1999-2006 Silverado / Sierra 1500 / 2500 Light Duty CL2519FW (#10483) $279.95
2001-2006 Silverado / Sierra 2500 / 3500 Heavy Duty CL2519FW (#10483) $279.95
2007 Silverado / Sierra 1500 / 2500 / 3500 Classic Body Style CL2519FW (#10483) $279.95
2007-2013 Silverado / Sierra 1500 Light Duty CL2518FW (#11967) $349.95
2007-2014 Silverado / Sierra 2500 / 3500 Heavy Duty CL2518FW (#11967) $349.95
2014-2017 Silverado / Sierra 1500 Light Duty CL2560FW $299.95
2015-2017 Silverado / Sierra 2500 / 3500 Heavy Duty CL2560FW $299.95
1994-2001 Ram 1500 CL2531FW (#10488) $329.95
1994-2002 Ram 2500 / 3500 CL2531FW (#10488) $329.95
2002-2008 Ram 1500 CL2533FW (#14214) $329.95
2003-2009 Ram 2500 / 3500 CL2533FW (#14214) $329.95
2009-2017 Ram 1500 CL2535FW (#10487) $299.95
2010-2017 Ram 2500 / 3500 CL2535FW (#10487) $299.95
1987-1996 F-150 CL2510FW (#10482) $329.95
1987-1998 F-250 / F-350 Heavy Duty CL2510FW (#10482) $329.95
1997-2003 F-150 (2004 Heritage Except SuperCrew) CL2509AFW (#10480) $329.95
2004-2008 F-150 CL2508FW (#15769) $349.95
2009-2014 F-150 CL2511FW (#11954) $349.95
1999-2016 F-250 / F-350 Super Duty CL2509AFW (#10480) $329.95