Getting Your Ride Winter Ready

 This is the time of year to ready your car for the change of weather to come and making sure it can withstand extreme forecast changes. Temperatures and road conditions vary, but generally during the winter months you have to deal with additional travel and more severe weather. Below are some things to consider when getting your ride Winter ready.


Colder weather can make a car more sluggish, and if the oil and other fluids are dirty and old it will only add to weighing your ride down. Its good to keep the gas tank at least half full as this will help keep down the condensation in the pipes that could possibly make them freeze. Washer fluid made for cold weather and new antifreeze will also help keep it all cleaner and running smooth.


 During this time of year it is dark outside for longer periods of time and its imperative that you can clearly see other drivers and they can easily see you. Making sure your wipers and headlights are at optimum level can help save your life. Tires and brakes play a huge role too and double check your spare tire is ready to go. If the winter is harsh then check your tire pressure weekly and also consider special tires with more tread if snow or ice is a factor. Wipers might need to be changed out and as a general rule if your wipers are on your headlights should also be on.

Extra equipment

It is always better safe than sorry. Having items handy like a flashlight, ice brush or scraper, extra clothes, gloves and/or a blanket need to be a priority. Some people like to have jumper cables and rope available also. An emergency kit with some water, nonperishable food items, medications etc. in case you get stranded for a bit are good to consider also.

Quality bumper is always ready to go and can assist with any questions or concerns. Call us today and we will help get your ride on its way!




Choosing Aftermarket Auto Accessory Dealers and Installers

Choosing Aftermarket Auto Accessory Dealers and Installers

A quick web search for the term “auto accessories” will likely provide you with hundreds of pages full of links to discounted auto part dealers and accessory installers. The prices you find after browsing sites located deeper in the search results will often seem tempting, perhaps almost too good to be true. Many auto accessory dealers and installers are trustworthy, but it is always important to research the reputation of any business you are unfamiliar with. Make sure you choose the right aftermarket auto accessory dealer and installer for safety and performance longevity. Continue reading

Caring for Your Car’s Exhaust System

As a driver, you are likely required to pass routine emissions tests to be able to drive, meaning that your exhaust system is a serious matter. A vehicle’s exhaust system is one of several important things that keep you, your passengers and other drivers safe. Maintaining the efficiency of your exhaust system is also important for reducing the damage your vehicle does to the environment. Keep reading to learn about car exhaust systems and warning signs to look for if they aren’t working properly.

What Does an Exhaust System Do?

A car exhaust system is composed of several important components that are used to reduce the toxicity of engine fumes, keep the fumes from leaking into a vehicle’s passenger cabin, and muffle noise. These important parts are composed of a series of specialized pipes which are insulated and held together with various clamps to ensure the pipes do not leak. The key part in reducing the toxicity of the fumes is a catalytic converter, which contains several materials that reduce the potency of hazardous fumes.

Signs of a Damaged Exhaust System:

One of the most easily recognizable signs of a damaged exhaust system is hearing your vehicle release an unusually loud, obnoxious noise as you drive. You may also notice a burning chemical odor as you drive, which means the engine exhaust is leaking into your vehicle’s cabin. Take your vehicle to a repair shop immediately if you notice either of these warning signs.

Try taking your car or truck to a reputable auto shop once every year to have its exhaust system inspected for damage. This will help keep your passengers and other drivers safe while also reducing the harmful fumes your vehicle releases into the atmosphere. Talk to a representative at Quality Bumper to learn about reputable auto shops for exhaust system inspections.

How to Change a Flat Tire

Flat tires are a common occurrence for drivers because of debris on roads such as nails or screws. It is obvious that waking up to a flat tire or a tire blowout while driving is an unpleasant experience, and it is important to know how to change a tire if you experience these unfortunate events. Keep reading to learn about how to change a flat tire. Continue reading

When Should You Change An Air Filter?

Living in Arizona can put a large strain on a car or truck because of the abundance of sand in the environment and the frequent dust storms that occur every year. Everyone knows that it is a bad idea to breathe the air during a dust storm without a protective mask, but most people get stuck driving through dusty weather. A car or truck needs similar protection which is why they have air filters to keep dust and other particles from ruining the engine. Over time, the it becomes too dirty to allow sufficient air to pass through to the engine which can lead to several performance issues. Today we are going to provide some information that will help you know when you should change your air filter. Continue reading

New Year Resolution’s for Your Car

Proper car maintenance is essential to preventing unnecessary repair expenses and staying safe on the road. You have likely began working on your new year’s resolution already, but we propose that you take on an additional pledge: stay on top of preventive car maintenance for the rest of your driving years.

Most people lead a busy life and don’t have much spare time, but preventive maintenance doesn’t have to take up too much of your time. Most of the important inspections can be completed within ten minutes, while others can be taken care of quickly by trustworthy professionals. Try following these simple maintenance schedule guidelines that have been provided by the car care council. Continue reading

Make Your Car Eco-Friendly

Smart cars are becoming very popular among people who want to save money on fuel costs while also reducing their carbon emissions while they drive. Unfortunately, these green vehicles are often expensive and inaccessible for many environmentally conscious individuals. It is important for everyone to know that there are several ways that they can make any car a greener vehicle by following simple steps. Today we are going to provide eight tips to help you make your car more environmentally friendly. Continue reading