Turn Your Truck into a Tow Truck

Many people who own a truck love what they get out of it. While the bed of a truck is great for hauling many people desire more. It isn’t uncommon for people to want to modify their existing truck so that it cannot only haul, but also tow. There are a number of things that can be added to your truck to give it the ability to tow.

Check Your Engine

The most important thing to look at first is the engine. You need to be sure that your truck is even in good enough condition for towing. If your truck is in good enough condition you will then need to assess its torque and power. These factors will help determine how much your truck can potentially tow as well as which equipment is best.

Get a Towing Hitch or Ball

Once you have determined if your truck is capable of towing the first thing you will need is a towing hitch or ball. This is an attachment that can be fitted for most trucks. Trucks of different sizes, in terms of body and engine capacity, help determine which type of trailer hitch you will need. Naturally, larger trucks can utilize larger trailer hitches and so on.

Install Towing Mirrors

Towing mirrors are also important for a truck that is being equipped for towing. These are mirrors that are larger and can reflect more of the back of the truck, but more importantly it can show what you’re actually towing. Being able to see whatever it is you are towing at any given time is essential, especially in terms of safety.

Purchase the Correct Tires

What you tow is also very important. Towing a car can be very different than towing a boat. Trailers and hitches that are designed to house different towable units are important to be familiar with. Boats require certain types of trailers as do cars; both being respectively different. Tires can also make a difference when you decide to tow. Standard dealership tires are likely not efficient for helping your truck tow a larger amount of weight. Speaking with a local garage or dealership is a great way to find exactly what you need.

Whatever you decide to tow you’re truck can likely be equipped with the essential parts to get the job done. Not all trucks are created equal and some are better at towing particular things ranging from small trailers to large boats and cars. Understanding the limitations of your truck and taking under consideration what you want to tow is the best first step to modifying your vehicle.

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