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Towing Mirrors For Trucks & Trailers

Trailer Tow Mirrors - Electric, Heated & Turn Signals & Chrome Covers Installed on a Dodge Ram

Towing Mirrors | Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirrors shown with turn signals

Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirrors

Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirrors 2

Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirrors 3

Towing Mirrors - Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirrors 1
Electric adjusted & heated Glass

Towing Mirrors - Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirrors 2
Electric adjusted & heated glass with turn signal & clearance lights

Towing Mirrors | Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirrors 3
Manual adjusted glass

Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirrors by VisioCorp

Price: No Longer Available

We have sold our last sets of CIPA / VisioCorp TTT Mirrors. We do have a nice alternative which is K Source Extendable Mirrors. Click here to go to our K Source page

The TTT Mirrors by VisioCorp are no longer available, VisioCorp (who is based in Australia) was bought out by a company in Germany and they have not stated any plans of continueing production of the TTT Mirror line. We are sorry to see them go but we can no longer order these parts from Cipa or any other distributor. SMR took over VisioCorp and if you would like to visit their site and petition to have this product re-issued in the U.S. please visit http://www.smr-automotive.com/trailer-tow-mirrors.html and let them know you want this product.


To find a price of these tow mirrors for your Truck or SUV, use our Shop by Vehicle menu above or scroll down and view the application chart to find quick links to the parts your truck needs. You will also find mirror covers listed below.


Made by the world's largest exterior mirror manufacturer, the Telescopic Trailer Tow Mirror combines great looking aerodynamic styling with the toughness only a company like Schefenacker can produce.

This has to be one of the hottest new products in the past few years. Interchangeable covers mean you can specify the looks that suit you and your vehicle, a wide range of options mean you can have the right equipment for the right job.


A range of replacement parts mean that you'll have the kind of backup that only a company like Schefenacker can provide

LED Clearance Lights
While the telescopic trailer tow mirror helps you see them, they also need to see you. Schefenacker's four LED clearance light turns on automatically with your vehicles night driving lights. Increased visibility of your vehicle, makes other drivers more aware of your intentions and the width of your vehicle.

LED Turn Signal Lights Unlike other mirrors that act purely for cosmetic enhancement, turn signal lights positioned into the exterior mirror may also prevent accidents. The mirror based six LED turn signal provides greater awareness for other vehicles by warning driver's along side or behind you that you are intending to turn or change lanes.

Heated Mirror Glass
Heated glass ensures clear rearward visibility in icy conditions. If your existing mirrors do not have heated glass, the Schefenacker mirror will allow you to upgrade your vehicle to have this feature. Schefenacker's heated glass will clear frosted, iced or wet glass in no time.

Electric Adjustable Mirror Glass
No need for additional wiring or switches! Your vehicles existing mirror switch operates the electric adjustable main mirror glass.

nterchangeable Covers
Standard black covers can be used as is, or removed and matched to suit your vehicle. Covers are paintable to match your vehicles body color, or go with the chrome covers for a completely different look!

Wide Angle Rear Vision
The large main glass and adjustable spotter allow you to see vehicles travelling behind and along side you. Mirrors are capable of seeing past a 102" wide load!

Large Manual Adjustable Spotter Glass
A separate wide view adjustable spotter, will allow you to keep your eye on the top or bottom of your load, and even vehicles travelling in your blind spot.

Up to 4.5" of Manual Telescoping Adjustment
Easily slides with up to 4.5" of adjustment. It will let you see past the widest legal load.

Graduation Marks
Markings on the arm covers remind you how far you have to telescope to see past your load.

Folds Away
Rear and forward folding against your vehicle door prevents damage and allows access to tight spaces

3 Year Warranty