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Aries 5.5 Inch AdvantEDGE Bull Bar

Aries 5.5 inch AdvantEdge bull bar header

Aries 5.5 inch AdvantEdge bull bar on a Ford

Aries 5.5 inch AdvantEdge bull bar up close - black fonish

Aries 5.5 inch AdvantEdge bull bar up close - stainless finish

Aries 5.5 Inch AdvatEDGE Bull Bar

Price Vary
Available in Black or Stainless

Set apart for today's pickup
The look of pickup trucks has changed over the years. Today's pickup trucks require accessories that are designed to complement their modern features, match their durability in the field and help maintain their high fuel efficiency.

The ARIES AdvantEDGE™ bull bar sets itself apart with a modern, angular design and all-aluminum construction. It features a track system for mounting auxiliary lights, vehicle-specific mounting brackets and is available in two finish options, allowing you to choose the look that perfectly matches your truck.

All angles
The AdvantEDGE™ bull bar is uniquely designed to complement the style of today's pickup trucks. Instead of the common, rounded frame of other bull bars, it features a 5 1/2" wide, eight-sided tube profile, welded into an angular, A-shaped frame. It is also fitted with an octagonal grid faceplate on the crossbar, giving it just the right amount of attitude.

All aluminum
To make the AdvantEDGE™ bull bar even more unique, we construct it entirely from aluminum. The octagonal tubes are made from extruded aluminum, and the faceplate is from stamped aluminum. This all-aluminum construction allows it to be strong, lightweight and rust-free, making it an excellent choice on the road or off.

Reversible crossbar
To allow for further customization of each truck application, the AdvantEDGE™ 5 1/2" bull bar features a unique auxiliary light track mounting system. Built into the bottom of the crossbar is a 28" channel that can accept any number of LED light bars, off-road lights, fog lights and more.

To mount the lights, the crossbar can easily be unbolted and flipped over, exposing the track system. Because it is a continuous channel, the lights can easily be adjusted to suit personal preference.

Two durable finishes
To provide the right look for each and every pickup, the AdvantEDGE™ bull bar is offered in two finish options: chrome and carbide black. To give it the extra toughness needed to keep up with today's trucks, both of these finish options are powder coat finishes.

These polyester-based powder coat finishes easily resist scratches, chipping and peeling, and they provide the AdvantEDGE™ bull bar with maximum corrosion resistance. Both finish options come with the faceplate finished in a textured black powder coat.

Track Mounting System
Just like the light mounting system on the crossbar, the mounting brackets of the AdvantEDGE™ bull bar use a track system. The backside of the bull bar features a set of channels that allow for precise adjustment to the profile of the vehicle.

To ensure a custom fit for each application, the mounting brackets are made vehicle-specific, meaning they bolt into existing holes in the vehicle's frame. This eliminates the need for drilling during the installation process and makes the bull bar more secure.

AdvantEDGE Bull Bar Features:
  • The 5 1/2" angular, eight-sided tube profile and octagonal grid crossbar offer a fresh look to complement the style of today's pickup.
  • The aluminum alloy construction is strong, lightweight, rust-free and has no plastic parts, meaning it will never crack or fade.
  • The crossbar can be flipped to expose a 28" track mounting system for LED light bars, off-road lights or other auxiliary lighting options.
  • Stamped aluminum, octagonal grid crossbar
  • Track mounting system for easy, secure installation
  • No-drill, vehicle-specific application for a custom fit
  • Five-year warranty

Aries 5.5 inch AdvantEdge bull bar lifestyle image

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