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Aries Pro Series Grille Guard

Aries Pro Series Grille Guard header

Aries Pro Series Grille Guard on a Jeep Wrangler

Aries pro Series grille guard Chevy Silverado

Aries pro series grille guard on a Silverado in parking garage

Aries Pro Series Grille Guard

Price Vary

Available in Textured Black Finish


Uniquely made for LED light bar customization

Unlike any other grille guard on the road today, the ARIES Pro Series™ grille guard is uniquely made for LED light bar customization. It features a patented center crossbar to house a single-row LED light bar and accepts a number of different interchangeable cover plate options to protect the light and maximize customization.

No extra light clips or drilling needed

No other grille guard or brush guard integrates an LED light bar like the Pro Series™ grille guard. Rather than using a set of clips or forcing you to drill holes into the frame, the aerodynamic crossbar itself is the light bar housing. It uses a channel-style bracket to accept one or more single-row light bars up to 30" long (20" for Jeep models; light bars not included).

Multiple light bar combinations

Within the patented light bar housing of every Pro Series™ grille guard is a channel mounting bracket. This channel system makes positioning the light bar completely customizable. It can accept multiple combinations of light bars, such as one full 30", two 10" or three 7", and the light bars can be adjusted to suit your preferences. We have also designed the channel mounting bracket with an articulating mechanism, allowing the light beam to be positioned at any custom angle.

Customizable Cover Plates

Not only does the Pro Series™ grille guard stylize the front end of your truck or Jeep with the LED light bar of your choice, but it also comes with an interchangeable cover plate. Each Pro Series™ grille guard includes a black mesh cover plate that easily bolts on and provides added security for your aftermarket lights. The black mesh cover plate can also be swapped out at any time with any one of our other cover plate options. With several different styles and finishes to choose from, you can select the look that best complements your vehicle and light bar arrangement.

High strength, one piece construction

Solid construction is an essential feature of any grille guard, and the Pro Series™ grille guard sets the bar high. It has a one-piece design of 1/4" thick welded steel plates and 1 1/2" carbon steel tubing. The tubing is mandrel bent, giving it a smooth, professional look, and because the grille guard has a one-piece design, it offers greater rigidity and long-term strength, despite being exposed to vibrations and the outdoor elements. We complete each grille guard frame with protective rubber stripping along the vertical risers, protecting the frame from chips, scratches and other damage from road debris

Tested, textured black Finish

While steel provides the Pro Series™ grille guard its impressive strength, a special powder coat gives it its thick skin. We use a unique textured black powder coat finish that is not only tested to outlast moisture, rust and road salt, but also offers excellent hide. The texture surface is designed to hide dirt, grime, minor scratches and other battle scars, helping to maintain the grille guard’s professional finish. We use this special textured black powder coat on a number of other products as well, allowing you to build your vehicle with a consistent look.

Pro Series Grille Guard Features
  • One or more single-row LED light bars, up to 20 or 30" in total length, can be mounted using the articulating, channel-style bracket
  • The included black mesh cover plate keeps the light bar protected from theft and damage and can be swapped out for a custom look.
  • The textured powder coat easily hides scratches and is put through an extensive salt spray test to ensure durability in any season.
  • One-piece, 1 1/2" diameter, heavy-wall tube design
  • High-strength carbon steel construction
  • Protective rubber stripping along the risers
  • No-drill, vehicle-specific application for a custom fit
  • Three-year warranty

Aries pro series grille guard on a Dodge Ram

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